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Helpful Things to Know About Homeowners Insurance

Wind and hail damage are the top reasons for homeowners insurance claims in Michigan.  Winter weather increases the chances for these claims along with claims for home fires, fallen trees, burst pipes and slip and fall accidents.  When you need to file a claim is not the time to realize you aren’t property covered.  We discuss what you need to know about homeowners insurance in general such as deductibles and replacement costs with a focus on the specific seasonal issues to be prepared for and how to be sure you have the coverage you need. 

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SE Michigan News

Understanding Homeowners Insurance

Your home is more than just a valuable asset, so you want to be sure it is properly protected.  We discuss the importance to have rebuild and replacement coverage, why endorsements may be needed to adequately cover additional belongings like jewelry and the two types of issues that can occur and what’s different about protecting items in your basement.  We also share how teenagers and pets can increase your liability and how many claims can be filed before it impacts premiums or ability to get coverage.

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Homeowners Insurance Myths Debunked

Homeowners insurance is one of those things we only think about when the premiums come due.  That is, until something happens to your home and you need to file a claim only to discover something you thought would be covered is not covered at all.   In this episode, we debunk 7 common myths about homeowners insurance including whether flood damage and mold are covered, whether everything in your home is covered, and who is responsible to file a claim if your neighbors tree falls in your yard.   We also discuss if this insurance is required by law, if bundling is always the best option and if your coverage should match your home value. 









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