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It’s Fall Home Maintenance TIme

Taking care of your home helps to protect your investment and we share the top fall home maintenance tips to keep your home in top shape.  From the roof and gutters to furnace filters and fireplace inspections, we share tips on what to inspect on the interior and exterior of your home including places you may not think of like the attic. 

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SE Michigan News

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The Fall season is a timely reminder to take care of important home repairs and maintenance to protect the investment you have made in your home and avoid future repairs.  We discuss what to look for from the roof to your foundation and share how to test your deck to see if it needs to be resealed.  On the inside we discuss furnace, fire safety and how proper humidity levels can help your home feel warmer.

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SE Michigan News

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is an important time to take care of your home to prepare it for the harsh winter season to come.  From cleaning gutters to draining and turning off exterior faucets we review the things you should be reviewing on the exterior of your home.  With all the storms we had this summer, it is important to check the roof and siding now to look for any lose or damaged shingles and siding.   On the interior of the home, we talk about preparing the furnace for efficient use, what to look at when it comes to your windows and doors and what you need to review in the attic. 









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